“Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement”

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Presiding Bishop Michael Curry declared at the opening of the 79th General Convention that we are the “Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement”.

In his preaching style made famous at the Royal Wedding, Bishop Curry called on all of us to “stand up for the way of love” and demonstrate a Christianity that reflects the way of Jesus of Nazareth.  He emphasized that Episcopalians have a tradition of standing up for protection of our earth and for native peoples and that at Standing Rock, the Episcopal flag was tattered, but the wind could not stop it – just as nothing can stop the Jesus movement.

As a first time Deputy, it is amazing to see so many Episcopalians in one place and to be able to worship together.  Minnesota has front row seats to observe the workings of the church, including our own Bishop Brian Prior being led in song by the Presiding Bishop.

file-2At a Legislative Session on Evangelism, committee members shared their experiences going out and encountering people where they are and getting to know them as an effort to be a part of the Jesus movement.

Many people have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to making the Episcopal Church a living example of spreading God’s love. It is a thrill to be here.

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