General Convention Rep-cap

Hear from ECMN Deputies as they provide some insight into the structure and work of General Convention, and some of the actions and events that stood out to them from their experience this year. Feel free to use this and all the videos on this site if you're looking to host conversations at your faith... Continue Reading →

Prayer Book Revision – Whaaaa?

By: The Rev. Devon Anderson One big topic at this summer’s General Convention was whether to revise or not revise the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. For those of you behind on the action, here’s a quick and dirty review: 1) The 2015 General Convention passed a resolution asking the Standing Commission on Liturgy and... Continue Reading →

Now What?

There's a lot of work that happens during the 9 days of General Convention, but really, that's just where it all starts. Starting today, you have a chance to join in and shape and refine the work as it moves forward. Applications are being accepted for those interested in diving into the work that General... Continue Reading →

What’s your role at General Convention?

On this, the last of General Convention, ECMN-ers share the role they played in the wider work! The Super Deputy Minnie Steele - General Convention from Episcopal Church in Minnesota on Vimeo. The Chancellor Sally Johnson - General Convention from Episcopal Church in Minnesota on Vimeo. The Secretariat Behind the Scenes with Bishop Prior from... Continue Reading →

Nearing the Finish Line

Let's start with something silly. Did you hear that there's a pigeon making some waves at General Convention this year?  Well, to be more accurate, there seems to be several pigeons.  Several pigeons that now have a twitter handle. They have added some great good humor to the House of Deputies legislative sessions as they... Continue Reading →

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