The Journey to General Convention 2018

By: Minnie Steele

As I awaited the boarding of my Delta flight to Austin, Texas, my attention was drawn to a fellow passenger repeating a phrase over and over again.

I heard the words, ‘my name is——— from South Bend, Indiana and our bishop, Rt. Rev. Doug Sparks….we are on our way to . . . Episcopal …Convention.’

In their excitement, they repeated those words at least six times, attempting to perfect their video, until I overheard a southern drawl ‘what are ya’ll doing?’ Like the Texan, I think I could repeat their script word for word too. They amused me as they rushed to apologize to the Texan, who was bemused, knowing that I was as excited as they were to be going to my first General Convention as Lay 1 Deputy.

I have already experienced good folks working hard for the good of us all, and sadly, I have also experienced those that feel entitled and cling to their sense of power.

On this the anniversary of our nation’s birth, as many worry about the survival of our democracy, our Presiding Bishop reminds us of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ, and the work ahead of us.

We all know who is in control and has all the power.

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